1.1 Services

Taxi Radio Bruxellois SA is a telephone exchange, which means that it connects a carrier (member) with a client.
Taxi Radio Bruxellois is specialized in the transport of persons and the rapid transport of letters and small parcels by road.

1.2 Prices

Our prices include VAT.
Any complaint about the price must be made within eight days of the date of the invoice. The client is always responsible for payment, even if he has instructed us to collect the transport price from the recipient or any other third party. To the transport price shall be added all costs and disbursements of any kind whatsoever, storage, etc., not reserved or excepted.

1.2.1 Payment

Our invoices are payable in cash and automatically bear interest at the legal rate increased by 2%. In the event of non-payment after notice of default, an amount equal to 15% of the invoiced amount shall be due as a lump-sum compensation with a minimum of € 50 to cover commercial damage and administrative costs.

Please note that there is no fixed fee for the business service. We do charge a 5% administration fee on your invoice for all these services.

Since the new order of 21 October, some changes have been made:

-The minimum fare for a journey, regardless of the destination, is €8.

The pick-up fare: from €2.40 (day) and €4.40 (night) to €2.60 (day) and €4.60 (night)

Pick-up from a parking lot (station taxi): €2.30/km in the 19 communes of Brussels and beyond.

-Journey with reservation via a platform (street taxi): price range from 1.50€/km to 3.00€ maximum.

-The standby fare increases from €0.50/minute to €0.60/minute.

1.2.2 Special conditions relating to the client's absence at the time indicated at the pick-up address.

If the customer is absent from the pick-up address, either at the time the order is placed for an advance order or when the taxi arrives at the address for an immediate order, the driver will wait for a maximum of 5 minutes. Once this time has expired, the driver is authorized to leave and declare the customer absent. A fee of 5€ related to this absence may then be charged to the client by Taxis Verts, in particular for journeys with payment by credit card registered in the Taxis Verts mobile application. This fee is intended to compensate the driver for the journey he has made.
In the event of a dispute about this absence, the client may contact Taxis Verts customer service, who will study the eligibility of the request."

1.2.3 Special conditions for guaranteed fixed prices

The estimated fare is indicated by the mobile application before the order in the form of a price range. This estimate corresponds to normal traffic conditions and does not take into account any hazards that could significantly increase the duration of the journey. It does not in any way constitute a commitment by Taxis Verts.
To avoid these contingencies, Taxis Verts offers a service known as "guaranteed fixed prices" enabling you to benefit from a guaranteed price. Acceptance of the use of the "guaranteed fixed price" service implies your agreement to the proposed price, Taxis Verts being responsible for any difference between the fixed price and the meter price, as part of its central reservation service.
The guaranteed fixed price cannot be applied in the following cases:
- Waiting for the driver for more than 2 minutes before the pick-up.
- Additional waiting time requested during the journey.
- The driver is asked to change his destination during the journey.
- A diversion requested of the driver during the journey.

1.2.4 Special conditions for our taxi and parcel tickets

The tickets debit order forms are only used to pay the driver the price of Taxi journeys as well as the price of the transport of parcels or mail ordered from us. They can never be used for loans and no change can be given on their remittance. The sole inscription of the sums to be debited is sufficient to be authentic, and the order does not have to be signed. It can be used for any bearer. The member remains responsible, even in the event of loss or theft, for the use of the tickets entrusted to him/her. Tickets statements are payable in cash upon receipt, regardless of the amount or frequency. New books of forms may be issued only after payment of outstanding statements and we reserve the right to assess the quantity to be allocated without having to give a reason. The guarantee paid, which does not bear interest, is never allocated to the settlement of the statements, except in the event of termination, which implies the immediate return of the remaining blank forms. The T.R.B. reserves the right to terminate the membership at any time and without giving any reason, but refunding the guarantee or its balance in case of non-settlement. If the membership is terminated, the member undertakes not only not to use the Tickets still in his possession, but also to return them immediately to the T.R.B. by registered post. The T.R.B. shall be entitled to charge a contribution of 2.5% of the amount of the statements, with a minimum charge of € 15 for invoicing costs.

1.2.5 Special conditions for the transport of goods Method :
Each parcel or envelope must be legibly labelled with the full details of the sender and the recipient. We refuse to transport cash, securities, valuables such as precious stones, jewelry, etc., as well as any dangerous goods. The goods must be packed by our customers in such a way that they can withstand normal handling and transport operations, taking into account their nature. It is impossible for us to check the condition of the goods when they are picked up. Liability :
Our liability is determined by the CMR Convention (Belgian law of 4 September 1962) and its additional protocols. Whatever the contractual nature of our intervention, the maximum compensation due by our company in the event of liability shall be 8.33 D.T.S. per Kg of missing or damaged gross weight. No compensation is due for any damage suffered as a result of unavailability and/or loss of customers and/or any indirect damage whatsoever. Optional all-risk insurance :
Our company has taken out an "all risks" floating policy for the goods. This optional insurance is made available to our customers upon their express prior request and against payment of the premium to be determined according to the risk incurred and the declared value.
The subscription to this insurance creates a direct link with the insurer on behalf of our customers. If our clients prefer to take out a property insurance policy, this insurance must contain a waiver of recourse clause against our company.

1.2.6 Complaint follow-up

If Taxis Verts is unable to respond effectively to a Customer's complaint using its internal complaints procedures, the Customer may contact cc@taxis.be

1.2.7 Defiled and/or damaged Vehicle

If the vehicle has been soiled for any reason, a minimum charge of €150 will be payable by the Passenger(s). This charge must be paid at the end of the journey directly to the driver. This charge covers the cleaning itself as well as the loss of income during the cleaning process. If the cleaning and/or repair costs exceed this minimum amount, the Passenger(s) shall be liable, on the basis of supporting invoices, for the repair and/or cleaning costs in full. To these costs shall also be added the loss of profit due to the immobilization of the vehicle. In such a case, the hourly cost taken into account for the evaluation of this loss shall be equal to the hourly waiting rate defined by the Brussels-Capital Region and applicable at the time of the repairs.

1.2.8 Jurisdiction clause

Any dispute shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Brussels courts.


An "advance" taxi request involves the TRB recording this request with the customer's details at some point before the time of travel. This is not a booking for an identified taxi, but a priority taxi search scheduled by the company to be initiated shortly before the scheduled pick-up time. The customer's request is thus "stored" in our central computer and, approximately 15 minutes before the pick-up time communicated by the customer, the dispatching system selects a driver with the requested characteristics from among the taxis closest to the customer's address and then transmits the previously recorded details of the customer to be picked up. In certain exceptional situations, due to external circumstances (strikes, heavy traffic at rush hour, weather conditions rain, snow, etc.), difficulties may arise in finding an available taxi in the requested area at the scheduled dispatch time. An unexpected complication may also prevent the driver from reaching the pick-up location within the time limit. The T.R.B. may not be held responsible under any circumstances for any delays that may occur, nor a fortiori for their indirect consequences.


We guarantee the confidentiality of all information transmitted to us. In accordance with the law (see the Moniteur Belge website), you have the right to access, modify and delete your personal data.


Taxi Radio Bruxellois SA is committed to protecting the privacy of all visitors who use its services and also to visitors who access its services through one of its mobile applications eCab, Splyt and Collecto. Please read the privacy policy below, which explains how we use and protect your information.
By accessing and ordering services on this application, you consent to the collection, use and transfer of your information as set out in this policy.

4.1 Information we collect from you

4.1.1 When you create or edit your account on one of our Apps, place a taxi order through the App, contact customer support or generally communicate with us, you may be asked to provide information about yourself, including your name, telephone number, email address and postal address. We may also collect information relating to your use of the Application and information about you from emails or letters you send to us.

4.1.2 When accessing Taxis Verts information and services by mobile digital means such as (but not limited to) a mobile phone, tablet or other devices/technologies such as mobile applications, the data collection and use by Taxis Verts, Splyt, eCab or Collecto referred to in this privacy policy also applies. We may collect technical information from your mobile device or from your use of our services using a mobile device, for example location data and characteristics and operating data of your device, your operator/operating system including device and connection type, IP address.

Contact Directory: If you allow access to your contacts on your phone, sharing of address information from your mobile device directory is supported.

Unless you have chosen to remain anonymous through your device or platform settings, we may automatically collect and use this information if you use the Service through your mobile device(s).

4.2 Use of your information

4.2.1 Your information allows us to give you access to the Application and to provide the services you have requested. It also allows us to contact you if we need to about our services. We will also use and analyse the information we collect to administer, support, improve and develop our business, for other purposes (statistical or analytical) and to help us prevent fraud. Where appropriate, now and in the future, you may express your preferences about the use of your data in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy.

4.2.2 We may use your information to contact you to ask for your feedback on our services and to inform you of important changes or developments to our application or services.

4.3 Disclosure of your information

4.3.1 The information you provide to us is transferred to and stored on our servers.

4.3.2 We may share the information we collect about you at the time we collect or share it, including in the following ways:
- With Drivers to enable them to provide the Services you request. For example, we share your name and pick-up and/or drop-off locations with Drivers;
- In response to a request for information from a competent authority if we believe that disclosure is consistent with, or is more generally required by, any applicable law, regulation or legal process;
- With law enforcement officials, government agencies or other third parties, if we believe that your actions are inconsistent with our User Agreements, Terms of Service, policies or to protect the rights, property or safety of Taxi Radio Bruxellois SA or others;

4.4 Security and data retention

4.4.1 We take steps to protect your information from unauthorized access and from unlawful use, accidental loss, destruction and damage. We will retain your information for a reasonable period or as required by law.

4.4.2 Unfortunately, the transmission of information over the Internet is not completely secure. Although we take all reasonable steps to protect your information, we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to the application; any transmission is at your own risk. Once we have received your information, we will use strict security procedures and features to try to prevent unauthorized access.

4.5 Right of access, rectification or objection

In accordance with the law of 8 December 1992, you have the right to access, rectify, object to or update the personal data collected about you by e-mailing us to the following address: info@taxis.be

4.6 Changes to our privacy policy

Any changes to our privacy policy will be published on the application and, where appropriate, communicated by e-mail.

4.7 Contact person

Any comments, questions or requests regarding our use of your information are welcome and should be directed to info@taxis.be

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