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Collecto, night-time travel at 5€

Collecto is a collective or shared taxi service available from 11 PM to 6 AM 7 days a week within the Brussels-Capital Region. Step in at one of the 200 departure points (on Google MAP) located at a MIVB/STIB stop and get dropped off at your address within the Brussels Capital Region. Pay only € 5 if you have a MOBIB card or € 6 for your ride. Collecto is provided by conventional taxis that group up to 4 passengers wishing to travel together into the same direction.

Order a Collecto with your smartphone. The Collecto app is 100 % free. Check the app out here:

The official app of the Brussels Capital Region

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When to order a Collecto?

There is a Collecto leaving from the first boarding point on the hour or half hour (f.ex. 1:00 AM, 1:30 AM), so we advise you to pre-book your Collecto at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time of departure. You can pre-book via the free Collecto app or by calling us.

How to order a Collecto?

Through the free Collecto-app

By calling 02/800.36.36:

You can pre-book a Collecto 24/7 by calling the phone number: 02/800.36.36.

Keep the following information close at hand when you call us:
1. Your name, home address and mobile number

2. Collecto boarding point number, you’ve selected from the below list. This number is needed to register your booking.

List of Collecto points with picture List in .pdf forma Google Maps

3. Address of destination you are travelling to within the Brussels-Capital Region

4. Time you want to take you Collecto: on the hour or 30 minutes past the hour

5. Number of passengers travelling with you to the SAME destination (maximum 4 persons). Are your friends travelling from another boarding point or to another destination, then they’ll have to order separately

6. Specify to the operator if you hold a MOBIB card

How to take a Collecto at a boarding point?

The effective departure will take place within 15 minutes of the scheduled time of departure. It is however absolutely paramount to be sharp on time, as you might be the first person to step in the Collecto. Tell the driver the name under which you made the booking, to be sure you take the right Collecto.

Collecto signaling sign

How to cancel a Collecto?

Itineraries and stops are scheduled in advance. You can cancel a ride up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. However, the price of a journey is due, if it is cancelled too late.

Can I order a Collecto all year round?

Yes, but the Collecto service is suspended on 24 December and 31 December.

Collecto is organised by the Brussels-Capital Region (Brussel Mobiliteit/Bruxelles Mobilité).