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eCab, the international app for business and plaisure

eCab allows you to make business and personal rides and pay them separately. You can use eCab also in European cities like Antwerp, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, Madrid and around countries like Canada, India and Lebanon

Download eCab here:
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What can I do with eCab?

♦ Get a ride with your smartphone with only one click and get your professional driver first.

Select your pick-up location easily on a map, even if you don’t the exact address.

♦ Check in real-time how many drivers are available and stay connected to your driver, while you follow his arrival on a map.

 ♦ Pay aboard (service level eCab) or add a credit card to your secured eCab account (service level eCab+) to never have cash on you.

♦ Receive a detailed invoice in your mailbox, when you pay via the app (eCab+).

♦ Share your experience with us by rating your driver. Drivers not only meet the Taxis Verts and regulatory requirements in terms of quality and security, but also yours.

Which service level fits me: eCab or eCab+?

– Order an immediate taxi
– Pay aboard: cash or by card (VISA, AMEX, Mastercard, Maestro)

– Order an immediate taxi or pre-book for later
– Only secured in-app payment
– Receive a detailed invoice in your mailbox
– Open your invoice with your Concur Expense account
– Multiple vehicle options: station wagon, travelling with an animal, low floor, person with reduced mobility

Choose how you want to pay your driver

Secured in-app payment: eCab+
Link a credit card to your account and move the red arrow on the home screen to the right to activate eCab+ and pay your rides via the secured in-app payment.

Pay on board: eCab
Move the red arrow on the home screen to the left to activate service level eCab and pay your rides aboard. You can pay cash or by card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Maestro).


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